Friday, 02 January 2009 20:53

Housing for People with Chemical & Electrical Sensitivities

People with MCS/MCI react to low level everyday chemical exposures

Reactions are triggered by various substances and products such as:

  • Pesticides:  weed killers, bug sprays, treated wood products
  • Solvents: paints, glues, gasoline, nail polish/remover
  • Indoor Air VOCs: new carpet, formaldehyde, plasticizers, chlorine, fragrances and fragranced products
  • Cleaners: bleach, ammonia, phenolic disinfectants, air fresheners
  • Combustion-related:  auto and diesel exhaust, tobacco smoke, natural gas, tar/asphalt
  • Drugs/Medical Devices: anesthetics, antibiotics, implants, vaccines

Individual tolerances may vary


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