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Monday, 05 January 2009 21:00

The National Center for Environmental Health Strategies, Inc. (NCEHS) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that fosters the development of creative solutions to environmental health problems. The mission of NCEHS is to protect the public health and improve the lives of people affected by chemical and environmental exposures.

NCEHS works to reduce hazardous exposures and to promote safer alternatives; to improve indoor environmental  quality; to educate professionals and the public about environmentally-induced illnesses; to advocate for the rights of people disabled by chemical and environmental exposures; to effect research and policy change in the public and private sector; and to prevent environmental illnesses and injuries.

The National Center for Environmental Health Strategies was founded in 1984. NCEHS published The Delicate Balance news journal, edited by Mary Lamielle, for over a decade. The publication is currently on hiatus.


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